Tales of the Trent, a song

Dad’s now finished his latest Trent-related song, and here it is. It’s now called Tales of the Trent.

It’s a slightly tinny recording, just done on his computer, but I do think he’s got an amazing voice. (I may be biased, of course).

The words have changed slightly since he sent me the lyrics I posted the other day. But it’s still a journey along the Trent, taking in: the source near Biddulph, Burslem and its potteries, Burton and its famous ale, murders at Nottingham Castle, Newark Castle and the death of King John, and King Canute trying to turn the tide at Gainsborough.

It’s definitely a river with a lot of stories to tell…

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4 thoughts on “Tales of the Trent, a song

  1. Lovely to hear a brand new folk song about the river that I grew up just a stones throw from

  2. David Wrench

    lLovely song lyrics, the well crafted economy of a mature songwriter of quality. Perhaps use the phrase Biddulph MOOR would be more accurate and appease residents of this village ( with its own international quality bagpipe maker)! just a little point but it’s detail like that that ‘grounds’ a song into a locality/ community for use as its exactly rich to the ‘locals’. I’m sure we can get it installed into the local ongoing ‘tradition’ David

    Web search for Greenway Bank Countryside Park / Knypersley Reservoir and Cawton’s ? Well.

  3. Thanks David, I’ll pass on your comments to Dad.

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