What would YOU like us to post about?

Those of you who know me from my work on I’m a Scientist will remember me constantly banging on about the importance of consulting your intended audience. I mean, it’s not rocket science – if you want to know what people want, just ask them!

With that in mind, and because I have notes for loads of blogposts I intend to write for Tales from the River, but not enough time to write them all, I’m asking you.

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2 thoughts on “What would YOU like us to post about?

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  2. David Wrench

    Any indication wher the highest practical point of navigation by canoe or punt might be found? Suspect somewhere near Bucknall Park or Joiners Square.

    Information about same above Hanford would be useful….but don’t worry if not possible to provide,

    NB National Centre for Canoeing excellence was , ay still be based on Trent at Stone.

    bury Bank and Darlaston river crossing was immensly strategic importance and Trentham was highest point of navigation of Trent in Saxon times.

    Also Google up Trentham, Bury.Bank and Wulfhere, the guy who threw out the Northumbrian and started the rise of Anglo Saxon fortunes….and created a taxation system to underpin the Saxons achievements.

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