Day 6 – Barton to Alrewas and back

I’m in a much better mood now, sorry for whinging so much everyone.

We had a very relaxed day. When we arrived at the National Memorial Arboretum, the two guys greeting people at the door even knew we were coming. Best of all, as we arrived, a woman was at the information desk, asking them where the storytelling thing about the Trent was going to be. She’d seen it on the website and come especially. Yay!

The event went really well, the sun was blazing, and the staff were really nice. Richard, who was looking after us, showed us round a bit, before pointing out the best route to set off again on. I would review the NMA more, but I think getting an early night for once would do me the world of good…

A couple of things I should draw attention to:-

Twitter archive – put together by the very kind Jo Brodie, on epilogger. It’s great. Also, updates all the time.

Photos – Ross is uploading pics several times a day, so you can see what we’re up to.

We’re staying at Barton under Needwood again tonight, and on the way home we found loads of wild plums. So we’ve even had lots of vitamins today. We’re developing a theory that all pubs called the Shoulder of Mutton are lovely. This is the second one we’ve visited, and it’s beautiful. And v friendly staff and clientele.

Off to Burton on Trent tomorrow. We may sample the famous ale…

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