Which river do you think we should do next?

Despite the blisters, the nettles and the variably attentive audiences we are totally loving this. You know how your day-to-day life sometimes seems to go by in a blur with nothing happening for weeks on end? Tales from the River seems to have lasted for months already, ‘cos so much happens every day.

So we want to do another one. Lots in fact. What river do you think we should do next?

Ross suggested the Yorkshire Derwent, cos that’s his childhood river. And it’s only about 90 miles long. We could do it in a week.

Angela Cassidy suggested the Norfolk Broads, and thinks the local Geography Dept and public engagement people would be well up for getting involved. Which would mean we could do some interesting stuff like get more ‘experts’ involved in telling their stories, and maybe hook up with existing community projects or consultations.

What river do you think we should do?

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16 thoughts on “Which river do you think we should do next?

  1. The Dee in Cheshire -it’s lovely -I used to sail it in a Mirror dingy I made with my dad -I’ll do it with ya

    • Ooo, lovely suggestion Jon. A guy at the story club last night was talking about the Dee, and every village in part of north Wales claims to have a tributary of it… I’ll look it up:-)

  2. Inspired by your adventures we are thinking of walking the River Idle, a short 27 mile walk from Gamston to the Trent at West Stockwith. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Idle or we might take a Canoe.

    What about the Old Father Thames? The source is a little spring near Cirencester in the Cotswolds just five minutes drive from our flat. 215 miles the longest river entirely in England http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Thames

    • The Idle does look nice. We’re getting to West Stockwith on 19th Sept. if you do it next week, you could come and meet us at the confluence!:-)

      I’m quite tempted by the Thames. It’s definitely got a lot of great stories. Although part of me thinks we should maybe try a smaller, more manageable river next time. Or maybe we should have done that this time, as a kind of pilot. Instead of jumping straight in to one of the longest rivers in the UK…

      • Other suggestions from twitter:-

        The Ouse. I like this one, as it’s the Ouse that joins with the Trent to make the Humber. Then we could kind of complete the set.

        The Nile, the Amazon, or the Magdalena River in Colombia. These suggestions make me think you all like the ‘Oh my god, this is a nightmare!’ posts more than you like the, ‘Everything is going well’ posts. I mean, way to make our lives difficult… I think, if we’re keeping a same or similar format, we’d best restrict ourselves to countries where I speak the language well enough to do storytelling…

  3. Well the Thames would be really interesting, and the foot & towpaths from Goring at least are pretty decent & well maintained.

    The Dart would be nice & short, & it’s a lovely bit of countryside, but it does start out on the moors. The Dee & Wye are also really nice especially the stretches in Wales (& the Dee goes right past the Eisteddfod Centre in Llangollen, which would tie the storytelling thing in quite nicely)

  4. rarg

    I’d be game for joining you on the (shortish and nearby) River Almond. Tho its general lack of pathage makes me think it would be cool to walk the whole thing in those all-body-wellies that fishermen wear – down the middle of the river.

    • Ha! Well, we were thinking that would have been the best way to walk the Trent through Stoke. Except for all the bits where it goes under roads and stuff…

  5. Other suggestions from Facebook:-

    The Mekong (see my earlier answer re languages!)

    The Ouse (popular choice).

  6. Bev Gibbs

    The Thames is BOOOOOrRRRRiIIINNNNNNGGGGG. Id vote for the Tay – you through Perth and Dundee, its the largest river in the UK by volume and is *only* 117 miles long.
    Or, I do know people in Colombia (well, a person).

  7. Further suggestions from twitter and facebook:-

    The Tweed – not only pretty, but topical (in that it used to be the border between Scotland and England, and with the Independence Referendum coming up…)

    The Ganges – tempted, but we’d need some funding to get there.

    The Mississippi – ditto. But would be v cool. Blimey. I thought I’d seen that the Mississippi is 320 miles long. But I just looked it up, and no, it’s 2,320 miles long. At 10 miles/day that’s 232 days – eight months. That may be a bit impractical…

    The Tyne – suggested by friends in Newcastle, so at least we’d have places to stay at the end.

    Several votes for the Severn – would be good as it’s long, goes through interesting places with lots of varied history and is the other river with a big tidal bore. Also, we know lots of people to stay with in Bristol at the end.

    I suppose the question is – what rivers have the best stories, and what rivers can we find places to stay along?


    the river derwent next a prince of a river I smile just thinking about that river, wow


    Sorry, Derbyshire the river Trent tributary , 66 miles long

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