Announcement: Tales from the Tweed

We are absolutely delighted to announce a new project, partly funded by The Scottish Government’s Talking Science grant scheme.

Tales from the Tweed will take place in September 2013. We will walk from one end of the River Tweed to the other, putting on storytelling events in communities along the way. Each event will involve a range of academic experts – including historians, geologists, ecologists, geographers and more – as well as other professionals who work on the Tweed or in the Tweed valley.

Audience members will also share their own stories of life along the Tweed. This will be a great opportunity for different groups to get together and hear each other’s stories. It’s an experiment in landscape-based public engagement and dialogue. God bless the Scottish Government for their exemplary vision and foresight in partly funding it:-).

This project is a partnership between Bright Club Scotland, the Edinburgh Beltane Public Engagement Network and the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

More information will be online in the next few days. If you would like to be involved (as a participant, talking about your work, as a venue, hosting an event, or as a sponsor) then please get in touch.

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