Your Stories

What are your stories about rivers?

One of the joys of doing this is getting to hear people’s stories about rivers, and about the Trent. And one of the reasons for doing it was to get people telling stories about rivers.

So here’s some little snippet stories we’ve gathered so far. What are your river stories? Tell us, we want to know!

What’s your earliest memory about a river?

What bit of history do you think is interesting about rivers in general, or about the Trent?

What’s your favourite memory about a river?

What folktale or other story about a river do you think is interesting?

What’s your saddest story about a river?

Tell us in the comments, send us a link, write us a poem… Whatever you want!

This one’s not a story about rivers, but it’s a story we were told, and it’s a great story.

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